Dwain is a Christian gentleman, a born again believer, and a man with a dream. His is a valid ministry and, as we work together with other believers, one that I feel I can support with my prayers and interest.

Dr. Bill Tanner (former Executive Director, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma)


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New Website LaunchedSince 1986, All About Orphans has been reaching the lives of many around the world through disaster relief efforts, mission trips, Summer teaching programs, pastoral conferences, and total care orphanages. All this is made possible by the generous donations of our supporters.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new website. With an all new layout and theme, we hope to provide a better experience for you while you visit. You will find information about our various projects, upcoming events, and ways you can get involved. We will soon be adding more pictures and videos so you can see first hand how your support is touching lives around the world.

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Devastation Without Warning PDF Print

On April 30th I personally visited the disaster area in Tuscaloosa, AL to see what we might be able to do to assist in relief for the families and businesses who lost everything.

I was in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina and saw the devastation there, but the residents there had hours of warning before the hurricane hit and hours during the storm to evacuate or prepare for the winds and waves.  In Alabama the residents only had minutes of warning before the vicious tornadoes hit with total destruction.

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So many children around the world are abused and misused by adults. The cries are sometimes just a whimper, other times they are held inside because of fear of further or more severe abuse.

Traditionally, people assumed children would be protected by adult members of society. What a sad tale on many societies, including the United States, that children as young as three years of age must now be taught to protect themselves from perpetrators of the violence and abuse that have become a part of daily life in their homes and neighborhoods!

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