I am familiar with the work that Mr. Griffin has accomplished in promoting relationships between the United States and Ukrainian people. This is an exciting and challenging project for KURE Foundation. I wish Mr. Griffin every success.

David Boren (President of University of Oklahoma and former U.S. Senator)


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On April 30th I personally visited the disaster area in Tuscaloosa, AL to see what we might be able to do to assist in relief for the families and businesses who lost everything.

I was in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina and saw the devastation there, but the residents there had hours of warning before the hurricane hit and hours during the storm to evacuate or prepare for the winds and waves.  In Alabama the residents only had minutes of warning before the vicious tornadoes hit with total destruction.

In Tuscaloosa County and Giger County there have been more than 200 deaths.  As of May 9th there were still over 20 missing in these two counties alone.

Standing on the main streets of Tuscaloosa, I could not believe my eyes, it looked like a war zone!  The scene was the same in any direction I looked, over a mile wide and a several miles long path of total destruction, death and injury. Entire communities were wiped out.  No water could be restored until every water meter was uncovered from debree and turned off or their would be water shooting up into the sky and running everywhere. Natural could not be restored until every gas meter was uncovered and shut off.  It is hard to imagine how much is to be done to even begin to see any normalcy of residents lives.

I met State Rep. John H. Merrill of District No. 62 who was working as a volunteer in the very heart of the disaster.  Though I could see how tired he was and weary of all around him, he worked tirelessly to help with coordination of logistics and making people feel loved and comforted.  I could tell after visiting with him he was so very concerned for the people in his own district as well as people in the other parts of the state that had been devastated.

Ms. Ali Walker, of the Western Alabama Chapter of the Red Cross talked with me and shared the basic essential needs the residence were facing.  Some people had been with out food or water for almost four days.  They were still in search and rescue mode while I was there that Saturday.  She was very appreciative and wanted to cooperate with me to help me understand what they needed the most at present and for the next two to three weeks.

Last evening the 8th of May I visited by phone with Mrs. Oscar Barnes, Executive Director of Western Alabama Chapter of the Red Cross.  He was sharing with me the present needs of residence of which we are trying to raise an awareness for and have a drive locally to get supplies ready to convoy down to Alabama in the next 10 to 14 days.

  • Water
  • Diapers
  • Formula
  • Depends
  • Gator Aid
  • Non perishable food items
  • Pet food
  • Batteries
  • Etc.

You can donate here on our website to the disaster relief.  We will be taken these items down, but we must rent the trucks and buy gas and feed and lodge drivers for the delivery.  You contribution of any amount on your Master Card, Visa or Discover Card will help us with these and other related costs.  We want to take $50 gift cards to food and clothing stores to distribute at the Red Cross's direction and designated by the Red Cross local Church distribution sites.

Your contribution can and will make a difference!  Click on the contribution icon on this page and allow your compassion to reach out to those who have been totally devastated by these recent storms.



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