Message From Dwain Print

So many children around the world are abused and misused by adults. The cries are sometimes just a whimper, other times they are held inside because of fear of further or more severe abuse.

Traditionally, people assumed children would be protected by adult members of society. What a sad tale on many societies, including the United States, that children as young as three years of age must now be taught to protect themselves from perpetrators of the violence and abuse that have become a part of daily life in their homes and neighborhoods!

I am so thankful that you and I together have helped so many children have a safe place to live and experience a normal childhood resulting in healthy stable lives.

Our children homes around the world, either totally operated by DLMF or supported by us, provide love, physical attention, food, education and so much more by giving a safe environment for the growth of our children.

We do not have enough sponsors to totally care for these precious little ones and all the related expenses. We depend on donations every month from churches, businesses, and private individuals, who are not sponsors, to help us meet our budgets.

If you are not already a sponsor of one of these beautiful children we provide for, we ask you to prayerfully consider becoming one today. To the left are a few stories about some of the children in our care. Please read them and see if your heart is moved to help us with our worthy opportunity of providing God's love to hundreds of orphans and suffering children around the world.

Your contribution today, whether a one time gift, or an orphan sponsorship, is needed in the most urgent way. If you cannot sponsor a child please send the most generous gift possible to keep these little ones in our charge protected from the evils of the world they live in.

The violinist, Isaac Stern, on a newscast stated, "Every child has the right to know there's beauty in the world."

I Corinthians 13:7 says, "It (love) always protects...always hopes, always preserves." Help me show genuine love to children who need our help!




H. Dwain Griffin