I sang for our GIs in the Vietnam War. There I saw children rummaging through garbage for food. A mother held out her hand and said, "We starve. Please, Lady." For years I carried the image of that poor mother and child. I wanted to help people like her but I didn't know where I could give my money and be sure it would do some good. Then I came in contact with David Livingstone.

Cristy Lane (Gospel Artist)


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In 1993 Dwain and Janet started their first endeavor of building and operating Christian orphanages. The Bethlehem Children's Home in Ternopil, Ukraine was their first one. This orphanage was the first registered licensed private Christian orphanage allowed in the Ukraine. It presently houses 30 children and 12 staff members. KURE Foundation of Ukraine offices are headquartered in the orphanage with it's staff as well.

The Foundation also operates its' "Love Pak" program from this facility. This program provides two weeks to a full month supply of food to poor needy families in the region. This program is usually administered on a quarterly basis.



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