I sang for our GIs in the Vietnam War. There I saw children rummaging through garbage for food. A mother held out her hand and said, "We starve. Please, Lady." For years I carried the image of that poor mother and child. I wanted to help people like her but I didn't know where I could give my money and be sure it would do some good. Then I came in contact with David Livingstone.

Cristy Lane (Gospel Artist)


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Disaster Relief

Relief aid for Tsunami disasterWhen disaster strikes we turn our available resources and efforts to assist those in need. We have provided relief aid in Kosovo during the Albanian crisis, Thailand during the Tsunami disaster, and Mississippi during Hurrican Katrina.

Each time we are called to aid, churches, civic organizations, and individuals assist us with financial contributions, material goods, as well as volunteering their time. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, click here.

Devastation Without Warning PDF Print

On April 30th I personally visited the disaster area in Tuscaloosa, AL to see what we might be able to do to assist in relief for the families and businesses who lost everything.

I was in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina and saw the devastation there, but the residents there had hours of warning before the hurricane hit and hours during the storm to evacuate or prepare for the winds and waves.  In Alabama the residents only had minutes of warning before the vicious tornadoes hit with total destruction.

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